Authenticity Even in the Busy Season



It is September 9, and I feel like my head is swimming. I’ve been running non-stop from school to appointments to meetings to meeting up with people. This summer, when I pictured what this year would look like, I certainly wasn’t expecting things to be this busy.

For those of you who are new to the blog, this is my second year teaching elementary school! I love teaching, and each day the kids go away feeling encouraged and learning something new is a day well-spent. I have found my teaching journey to be so rewarding.

Even though this year seems even busier than my first year teaching, this year has been incredibly fulfilling. We’re three weeks in to school, and I am so grateful for my teammates, my students, my school, and my community. I never really thought I could love my place of work so much as I do.

Despite the busy season of life right now, I am grateful for it. It’s been a good challenge in organization, planning, and balance.

However, when I accomplish all those things perfectly, I’ll let ya know. 😉

The biggest realization I’ve had from this season of life is that there is so much value in authenticity, and putting your whole self forward, even in the busy season.

Last week, I didn’t wear makeup for a few days. And I definitely haven’t made my bed in a while…and there have been a few days, I have sleepily worn an outfit or two I wasn’t particularly proud of. At the time, I was more preoccupied with getting things done at school. Anyway, things were sometimes far from elegant.

In the end, I have to laugh. There are days when nothing goes right. Maybe the lessons don’t go as planned at school, or the “to-do” list is longer than the “things finished” list.

Whatever it is, it’s okay. Things will get done.

I’ve realized that no matter what happens…it will be okay.

Life will go on.

If today you don’t have your makeup on, or your bed is unmade, or the coffee spilled, don’t worry.

You’ve got a bright future ahead!!

No point in worrying now. 🙂



Smile of the Day


My students always say the best comments.

Here’s a few for a smile this Wednesday:

Student A: “I’m still hungry ! And I just ate lunch.”

Me: “You must be growing.”

Student A: “Yeah…I had a growth spurt last night.”

And this one:

Student 1: “What’s a protractor?”

Student 2: “Oh I know!! It’s a tractor pro farmers use!”

Student 3: “Yeah, John Deere must really love them.”

And finally, next Friday is dress like your teacher day and when the announcement was made, one of my students says, “But how are we going to know what you’re going to wear?”

Have a terrific Wednesday!