Things we can learn from chicks…

One of the best parts of Spring during college was going to the Chick Hatchery in town, where baby chicks could be found.

The Chick Hatchery doesn’t solely sell chicks, but outdoor merchandise and hammocks. Each Spring, when word got out the chicks were back, we flocked (pun intended) to the store.

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Smile of the Day


My students always say the best comments.

Here’s a few for a smile this Wednesday:

Student A: “I’m still hungry ! And I just ate lunch.”

Me: “You must be growing.”

Student A: “Yeah…I had a growth spurt last night.”

And this one:

Student 1: “What’s a protractor?”

Student 2: “Oh I know!! It’s a tractor pro farmers use!”

Student 3: “Yeah, John Deere must really love them.”

And finally, next Friday is dress like your teacher day and when the announcement was made, one of my students says, “But how are we going to know what you’re going to wear?”

Have a terrific Wednesday!