Summer Wish List

It’s true…the warm weather has gotten me thinking. After perusing Pinterest and re-pinning a large amount of cute attire, I have assembled my summer wish list!


  1. Birkenstocks. (See Website Here.) Birkenstocks are back says Nordstrom. They never went away, says me!:
  2. Peonies (I realize it isn’t clothing, but who doesn’t love summer fresh flowers?) And when summer rolls around, I love knowing there are fresh flowers to signal the warmer weather. (My allergies don’t always approve, but who doesn’t love that lovely burst of color?)Stripes and peonies, two of my favorite things in life:
  3. Patterned Dress (Similar Here.) Who doesn’t love a Floral dress?
  4. Neutral Wedges.  I have been eyeing this pair from Target.         Women's dv Ella Espadrille Sandals
  5. Brown Leather Tote. clear(Here) This is a cheap one from Old Navy, last time I was in store it was $15. What a steal!

I may need to add to the list time at the beach and exploring the mountains, but I think I’ll save that for another day.

Anything in particular on your summer wish list??



Favorite Finds

Target is a near and dear love of mine. I feel like it’s a place I can go to find something fun, and let’s all admit it…Target is somewhere where we all go looking for one item and then we come back with more than we had planned.

So here are a few of my favorite finds from Target within the past month!

  1. My first purchase was a classic leopard print infinity scarf. It’s been the perfect pop of fun for my outfits at school, and works quite well for even a dressy outfit!                                                      IMG_0559
  2. Perfect Carry-On. I had been looking at the LongChamps Bags for traveling a few weeks ago to use as a carry on on my travels, and instead I ran across the Dollar Section, to find a bag that was a pretty durable knock-off of the LongChamps Bags! I used it on my last trip to Iowa, and it worked perfectly. I loved my first bag so much, I bought a second in a different color. Target strikes again!                                            IMG_0556
  3. Wool Socks. I love a good pair of socks and often I find that wool socks get purchased for a pretty penny, so I was psyched when I found these in the dollar section for $3. They had several different colors, patterns, etc. IMG_0561

Have you found any good things at Target lately??

Another favorite find just today was a festive holiday sweater I found. My new goal is to make this on my own! I’m thinking it would be pretty cute to wear to school.


Have a great night!