Mid Week Runs

This morning I did something I haven’t done in a while…run before work. With colder temperatures and darkness filling most mornings the past few months, it’s as if the warmer spring weather is out to play, and why not join it?  Continue reading


Beginning to Run Again


In 2013, I was running about two miles each run, and not very consistently throughout the week. I was about 30 pounds heavier, and I enjoyed eating late at night and snacking to my heart’s content. I ate because I felt like I needed to; I saw food and I had to try it. Or I’d tell myself I’d only eat one, but then eat more than my intended amount. I felt full, I was stressed by school, and I wasn’t really sure how to get out of that rut.

It’s taken me a long time to lose that weight, and feel more confident in my own skin. There have certainly been some times when I felt insecure and self-conscious about my heavy appearance during that journey, but I’ve realized I can’t look at that phase negatively.

In some ways, as I look back at that point in time, I think I had to go through that stage when I was eating unhealthy in order to realize the importance of healthy eating and exercise. I had to go through it in order to appreciate being healthy.

What made me turn around?

Making a New Year’s Resolution to run a Half Marathon in 2014!

My goal was to run the entire race without stopping, and I knew that would take a great deal of motivation and training.

Over the Spring of 2014, I started to go on prayer runs, meaning I would pray while I ran around campus and the woods nearby, which really made me get in to running. By doing this, it was as if I jumped the mental block of “I can’t do this long run,” to, “I did it!” I was focused on praying, directing my thoughts instead of, “only two more miles…huff…huff…huff”. What a difference it made! I had set my sights further, and I knew praising God for that effort made my running that much better and more enjoyable.

I set myself up on a half-marathon running schedule, picked some good running music and went from there. I knew I had to stay accountable for my running in order to accomplish the mission for 2014, I kept up my motivation.

And in May of 2014, I did it! I completed the race with two of my other good friends. I even ran the entire race without stopping. 2 hours 7 minutes! Whoop!

The half spurred a love for running, and being able to take time out of my day to focus on only one thing-running. I was able to get over my mental block, leave stress behind, refocus myself and increase my stamina. Most of all, my running helped me to seek a healthier lifestyle. I feel better now, and I am grateful for where I’ve come!

Since the marathon, I’ve been able to run several races (Including the Broncos 7K this past September-a finish line on Broncos field!), and I hope there will be another half (or whole!) marathon in the future!


Running has brought me all sorts of new perspectives on life including new views and challenges.


Even being able to find surprises such as bald eagles out on the trail!


It took me to find the motivation to set the Resolution to run a Half in order for me to find a lifestyle I was more comfortable with. And a happier me! By making this change, I have been so much more comfortable with the skin I’m in. I’m proud of where I’ve come!

I have definitely learned from this process that sometimes, we have to start from uncomfortable places in life in order to appreciate the changes we make in our lives for the better.

What inspiration have you found on your own? Any big lifestyle changes you have made?