Mountain Love

This weekend I had the pleasure of seeing two dear friends tie the knot up in one of my “homes”. I know I’ve talked about home before on the blog, but coming back to a place where I worked for two summers was so very special.

Take the Road Less Traveled

The camp is located just outside of Fort Collins, CO, and is plenty far away from cell service and wifi. Being so disconnected from the world definitely helps to create an environment where you connect quickly with the people around you, and allows you to be more intentional with where you’re at.

Cooler Weather

The camp is absolutely beautiful and serene. It’s full of life and friendly faces.

Sky Ranch

The Lodge is the Center of Life up at Camp. It’s where meals are shared, music is played, and memories are made.


Every view is scenic and calming.


Mountain Time

This weekend, it definitely felt like Fall. Even in the early morning, you could see your breath and needed several layers to camp.


Mountain Time!

Scenic Mountain views


Good Morning!

Mountain Magic

Mountain Mornings

The Wedding itself was stunning. I didn’t take too many pictures because I know the photographer will share them at some point, and I wanted to enjoy the ceremony!

But here’s a quick shot of the ceremony…heads up…it was GORGEOUS. The most perfect weather and stunning background landscape.

Mountain Wedding Colorado

So while we were able to hike around this weekend, it was definitely a highlight catching up with old friends, many whom I worked with multiple summers up at camp.

Mountain Road Trip

Mountain Time Colorado

I am so grateful for these friendships which have carried over the years. It was so nice to be reunited and reminisce on those years past and catch up on the present.

Colorado Mountain Wedding

Mountain Wedding


Biggest congratulations to the newlyweds!! So excited for the two of you.

Your Turn! Have you ever worked at a summer camp? If so, have you been able to reunite over the years?




Field of Dreams

Having gone to school in Iowa for four years I was never able to make it to Dyersville, the site of the Field of Dreams movie set! So finally, this past weekend, we made a quick pit-stop at the field. This popular Iowa film site is only an hour and forty five minutes from Luther near the Mississippi River.

Field of Dreams

If you haven’t seen “Field of Dreams”, it is about a man, played by Kevin Costner, who hears a voice in his corn field telling him, “If you Build It He Will Come.” This line haunts him and he builds a baseball field (against his extended family’s wishes) in his cornfield. Throughout the movie, viewers are taken through a historical journey through baseball to show what playing on a team has meant to so many people throughout the years as aged baseball players return as their younger selves to Costner’s field.

Even if you aren’t a big baseball fan, I would still highly recommend this movie. It’s not a technical sports film, but rather a heartwarming story about how a sport can bring together generations.

The actually field, did not disappoint whatsoever! Set in a beautiful location, almost everything is still intact from the movie.

Field of Dreams House

The movie was filmed on an original two properties and was combined for the movie.

Lemonade Press On the Road

Field of Dreams Entrance

Dyersville, Iowa is a quaint, cute town on the Eastern side of Iowa. The churches and buildings in the town are beautiful, and it made the drive pretty great to see the movie site, which is tucked a way out of town.

The field is still incredibly well tended and we came at just the right time of year as the corn is almost at its peak height, just like the movie. As we rounded the corner and drove down to the field, I had the chills. There’s something magical about this place.

Field of Dreams Field

Field of Dreams Trip

Field of Dreams Bench

The benches to watch the baseball games are all original, and it was so special to see kids and adults come to just play a game or catch on the field.

Field of Dreams

The house is a private residence, however, there is a small gift shop on the grounds you can buy souvenirs from.

Lemonade Press Blog Field of Dreams Iowa

Lemonade Press on the Road Field of Dreams

Lemonade Press Field of Dreams Blog

Lemonade Press Blog Field of Dreams

My favorite line from the movie is, “If you Build it, he will come.” Change the pronoun “he” to “they” and the line still rings true to this day. The field is still usable and people from all over the world come to play the American classic-baseball.

Field of Dreams Iowa

Field of Dreams Baseball

Lemonade Press Field of Dreams

If you are ever in the area, I would highly recommend a trip to the Field of Dreams. If you go, just remember to bring your baseball, mitt, and bat!


A Walk Down Memory Lane

I still cannot believe it has been over a year since graduating from college. I am stunned looking back at how fast this year has flown! Although I am beyond college I still feel like I can group myself in the “college” bubble. But I also struggle with getting myself to that point because I’m beyond college in many ways.

It’s kind of an odd place to be in!

Anyway, this weekend I was able to journey back to my college town for a dear friend’s wedding. It was so nice being back and connecting with those whom I attended Luther with.


There’s such a strong bond among Luther students and that always comes out at big events.

So of course while we were back we had to go about town (Decorah) and revisit all the old stomping grounds and favorite spots. I dearly love Decorah, Iowa, and seeing so many of my favorite people and places all in the same weekend was so special.

It was wonderful meeting up with my dear friend, Jenny, and hanging out with her and so many people! Jenny is the creative genius behind Jenny Bonnell Photography and we had a photo session which I’ll blog more about later.





One of the new additions to Decorah is this mural by famed “Story People” artist, Brian Andreas. His artwork and quotes are rooted in Decorah and have become known world-wide.

Other wonderful places in Decorah, Iowa include…

Magpie’s! This tasty coffee shop is hip and adorable.



A perfect place for Iced Vanilla Lattes. And what about this penny floor?? I dig it.


We also had to stop at both ice cream shops…The Whippy Dip and the Sugar BowlIMG_2788



I’m already missing the Whippy Dip’s Cookie Dough Tornadoes…

The Wedding was on Saturday night, and since Jenny took photos of the event, I’ll link those later…(A beautiful wedding and reception)

For now, here’s a few of us before the Reception!


Dress (Old, Similar) / Clutch / Shoes (Not Shown) / Bracelet


I have to say, my favorite part about this weekend was spending time with some people I hold near and dear to my heart. So grateful we can return to Decorah together and also stay connected even post-graduation.

We dearly missed all others from our time at Luther! It’s not quite the same without the whole group…

It’s always fun to return to Decorah. It feels like by returning to the place where many significant events happened in life over four years, I can see how much I have grown since then, and also appreciate how large of an influence Luther was in my life.

Already can’t wait until the next trip!

Your Turn! Any memories you have of going back to your college town? How were things different or the same? If you’re still in college, what have you liked most about being in your college town?