What I've Loved This Week

Happy Weekend!

This week has gone by quickly, and I’m looking forward to having a free weekend for the first time since school started 5 weeks ago…eek! I’m planning on getting caught up on some school things, grading, etc., as well as some blogging odds and ends.

This week I started working out consistently since the beginning of school, and I feel so much better. It’s amazing how big of a difference that makes.

I also can’t believe Fall starts next week on the 22nd! I’m already ready for cooler days, warm sweaters, and lots of tea.

Nevertheless, here are my weekly favorites:

  1. This Girl’s Big Fish Catch is adorable!
  2. BEYOND stoked to see Hamilton is coming on tour next season to Denver. Yes Please!! When can I buy tickets?
  3. For When Life Feels Uncertain. Whitney hits some important tasks right on the head.
  4. Red Ruffle, Sally’s post is perfect for early Fall!
  5. Color Me Fall; Caitlin’s post with a perfectly matched jacket for Fall. I’m tempted to go and buy one of these adorable jackets!
  6. Currently reading The Girl on the Train. Excited to see the movie soon too!
  7. These Feminine Wedges are adorable!
  8. Loving This sweater from Le Fashion.
  9. This plaid top is a must in your Fall wardrobe.
  10. American Eagle’s Fall Collection of Sweaters: One Two
  11. This dreamy ACK house.

This week on LemonadePress:

  1. Finding Balance: The Rule of Hand
  2. Liebster Award
  3. Benefits of BlogLovin’ and How to Start Using It!
  4. September Goals

What are you up to this weekend?

Have a great weekend!



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