Finding Balance: The Rule of Hand

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Last week, I felt swamped. There was school work to do, blog posts to write, and people to see. It didn’t feel like there was enough time to finish everything which I wanted to do, let alone the things that needed to be done.

I know I’m not alone in feeling this. In the beginning of the year, having time to do everything isn’t feasible.

One rule of thumb I have learned from family over the years is the Hand Rule. Each finger on one hand represents the different aspects of your life. Keeping them all in balance is the key.

Finding Balance: The Hand Rule

The trick with all of these aspects is being intentional about each one. Setting time aside to focus on one, but also being aware of everything else which is going on.

1 // Social

Finding a balance in your social life can sometimes be tricky. Set aside time designated to be present with others and socialize. Whether that’s a dinner set up in advance, or a coffee date, take time to be personal with people. And when you’re with people, leave the cell phones tucked away. Take time to listen, ask questions. Even phone calls can be counted as social! Pick up the phone and check in with others. Take time to show people you care.

Just remember, it is okay to not be social all the time! 

2 // Emotional

What makes you emotionally happy and balanced? For me, it’s being able to talk to others and take time for myself.

One way to find emotional balance is to watch how your emotions play out in each activity you participate in. If you’re feeling frustrated, take a step back and figure out how to make the situation better. Even if it’s little things you notice, such as more stress in a situation, take time to stop and calm down. Your emotions are important! Don’t just push them aside. Even if it means talking to others or taking time for yourself, your emotions play a greater role in each day than you may realize.

3 // Physical

Taking time for physical activity is essential. Even if it’s not high-aerobic exercise, exercise plays a big role in promoting digestion, keeping muscles toned, and giving you the good kind of endorphins.

Take a walk or go for a run. Grab a friend to join you and you’ve got social combined with physical balance. Getting out and getting exercise can be a mental break too!

4 // Spiritual

For me, I try to find time to pray or journal each day as a way to talk about things going on in life.

Spiritual balance doesn’t necessarily mean praying all the time, but rather something which helps make your spirit feel at peace. Journaling, praying, having an uplifting conversation, or just sitting outside could all be things which help to bring you spiritual balance. 

5 // Financial

This one is huge in today’s society. One way I like to find financial balance is staying on top of my finances. This means tracking what I spend, comparing receipts to my check register, etc.

Budgeting out money and saving are two huge components of helping to find financial balance. Being stressed about money is not a good situation to be in. Start small. Put a few dollars a week in to savings and watch as that money grows. By saving and not having to worry about this, you save yourself from falling in to financial distress down the road when expenses pop up such as buying new glasses if your old ones broke, etc., that way you’ll have the money to pay for those expenses.


To save myself from stress last week, I ended up investing in a really terrific planner, The Happy Planner!

This planner has uplifting messages spread throughout its 18 months, and it has sections for me to divide my calendar in to thirds: a third for teaching (work), a third for personal, and a third for blogging. I have loved pouring all my events, goals, to-d0 lists in to this planner, and personalizing it!

So far I have absolutely Loved this planner and would highly recommend it!




I have found, by planning things out and devoting dedicated time to each task, I feel so much more balanced.

I even schedule in my exercise!

So far this has worked great.

Your Turn! Is there anything you have found you need in order to have balance in your life? Or any ways you schedule in time for balance?



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