Ways to Help You Dress Cool and Professional in the Heat

I hope you had a marvelous three day weekend! Mine certainly flew by here. I had an out of town guest visit, and spending time together was wonderful! Now that it’s post-Labor Day, you may be following the fashion-forward rule of not wearing white until next Spring. Since this rule exists, I figured I’d pull out my favorite Loft white shorts {Similar} to wear for the day yesterday, and they were perfect. (However, now I’m looking forward to the Winter Whites…!)

Looking at the weather report for Denver these next few weeks, it looks like temperatures will still be in the upper 80’s, and I know Denver is not alone in enduring the heat. Even though the days may be getting shorter, the days are still HOT.

So, I’ve come up with my favorite ways to help you stay cool while also looking professional during this hot season!

Ways to Stay Cool and Dress Professionally in the Heat.png

Ways to Help you Stay Cool and Dress Professional in the Heat

1// Choosing the Right Fabric

In the heat, the type of fabric you wear can affect your body temperature throughout the day. The goal for fabric for summer wear is that it needs to be breathable, comfortable, and lightweight!

  • Choose fabrics which promote airflow instead of reflecting your own body heat back towards your body. For instance, linen and cotton both help to absorb body sweat while polyester doesn’t.
  • If a suit is a part of the dress code, choose unlined suits. This means the suit comes without a polyester or silk lining which ends up trapping body heat around you. If you must wear a suit, choose a lighter layer to wear underneath the jacket. For instance, wear a light cotton shirt.

I have really loved Old Navy’s professional line of clothes. I especially love their cotton Pixie Cut pants, and pairing their cotton tops together! It always looks cute, and I can move around in them easily while teaching. I choose these materials because they keep me cool throughout my day.

For men, choose something which is also breathable, such as a polo with wicking. This means the fabric moves with you and allows adequate airflow. I also like Old Navy’s selection for business-professional cool tops.

Pixie Cut // Men’s Poplin // Polo // Women’s Dress Shirt // Men’s Suit // Men’s Jacket

Other companies with light-weight fabrics:

  • Tommy John: Tommy John uses Cool Cotton to keep wearers cool and sweat away from the body!
  • Lululemon: Lululemon uses a variety of fabrics including such as Natural Fibers, Swift and Luon technology designed to be water-resistent and sweat-wicking. I love the idea of wearing Lululemon tops underneath a jacket or sweater to keep me cool.


Pants (Mine are Navy) // Shirt // Necklace (Similar) // Watch (Old) // Bracelets

2// Wear Layers

There is nothing worse than dressing for summer weather only to enter a cold building while on a quick errand for your company, or to be freezing cold when suddenly the air conditioning kicks on.

Women’s Business // Men’s Layers // Men’s Outdoor Jacket with Layers // Women’s Layers

Hence the importance of dressing in layers! Choose a jean jacket or professional sweater over a dress or blouse. Men, use a sport coat or lightweight pullover.

Layers help you to feel prepared for whatever the weather may bring!

Summer Cool

Dress // Jacket // Ring (Similar) // Shoes (Not Shown) // Earrings (Similar)

Staying Cool in Summer

3// Comfort is Key

We live in an age where clothing and style are engineered around comfort. If you aren’t comfortable in something, don’t wear it! Go for loose fitted clothes rather than skin-tight clothes that are still work-appropriate.

You are more likely to be more productive throughout your day if you aren’t distracted by how uncomfortable your clothes are.

4// Dress-Code

Know your professional dress code at work. If you don’t know it, it is totally acceptable to ask!

Usually, strappy tank tops and dresses are frowned upon, as well as wearing tennis shoes and shorts.

Instead, go by the four-finger rule. If you can lay down four fingers on your strap and there is still fabric showing, the top is a go! If you can completely cover up your straps with your four fingers, the top is a no-go.

It is much better to be safe than sorry when it comes to outfitting yourself for work.


While I’ve been looking in to types of fabrics and layers for this post, I’ve run in to several fantastic resources for both Men and Women.

Please check them out here and here.

Dressing professionally should never be something you are afraid of. Build a wardrobe which fits your personality and can fit in to your company’s dress code.

Your Turn! Any style musts for dressing professionally and staying cool??


Thanks to Tommy John for this post’s inspiration!



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