Feeling Small in a Big World


There have been times where I’ve felt big in life. Times when I’ve won a competition, or gotten straight A’s or won a game of cards.

Then there are also days when I feel small. It’s like the feeling of watching the tides of the ocean fall, waves crashing on to large cliffs. I feel small trying to conceive the notion of what it felt like to be big again.

With so many tragic events happening in the world lately, I don’t think I am alone in feeling small.

With many attacks across the globe and the media footage which seems to surround people, the crushing weight of heartbreak is enough to make anyone feel helpless. I know tragic events such as the Orlando shooting are hard to speak about, perhaps from the overabundance of news and media footage, or perhaps because we hear so many different conflicting human voices here on earth. Whatever the reason, it is confusing on what to believe and where to turn. It’s almost a nightmare, in that it is hard to believe that all this is going on, and that it keeps going on.

Recently, I had the true privilege of attending Chris Tomlin’s Worship Night in America. Throughout a night of worship bringing together several large names in the Christian genre of music, the arena was filled with songs of praise and positivity. Louie Giglio, a pastor from Atlanta, spoke towards the end of the evening in reflection of the events which have tore many communities apart here in America and across the globe.

People are hurt. In so many ways, we are uncertain of what is to come.

And that is why we need to look for a firm foundation.

For me, I believe in the power of prayer and the power of positivity. I believe in Hope.

At the concert, it was amazing to watch so many get on their knees in prayer and pray for the world. There’s an awful lot of people who care out there, and it was amazing what happened when we all came together.

It was as if all the negativity and frustration which seeps in from outside sources, was washed away.

In that evening, people took time to be a community. To come together and pray. To forget the sorrows and pray because they believed in a world of peace. A world where sorrow did not rule their hearts or minds, but rather God’s everlasting peace and love.

The Firm Foundation He provides is one no media image can control. It is one no attack or argument can shatter. His firm foundation is where love resides.

My hope, is that amidst this “small” feeling of trying to figure out what is going on in the world, we could keep believing, keep hoping, keep praying–resting always in God’s Firm Foundation.

Sending many prayers to those who are feeling small and lost.




6 thoughts on “Feeling Small in a Big World

  1. Barbara Fisher says:

    Amen. The best thing we can do is actually our greatest thing, prayer. We can pray to the Sovereign of the universe, God Almighty. He controls all. With him is mercy when we turn to him from our sin. Good post!


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