Developing Your Eye

I keep trying to cross things off my 101 in 1001 list and developing photography skills is something I have been yearning to do for a while. I don’t have a fancy camera right at the moment, but rather a point-and-shoot from 2010, and my handy dandy iPhone, however, as I’ve been reading up on different cameras, I may have to look in to investing in a good camera. Any suggestions on types of cameras? (Preferrably on the cheaper end?)

So…in wake of some older cameras and maybe borrowing a family member’s nicer DSLR, I am going to try and “develop my eye”. The first prompt of WordPress’s series? Home. This is a topic I love and I know I have written about before. However, I feel that as I grow and become more comfortable in one environment, I branch out more, looking for new places. So for now, home has multiple meanings.

Home is the journey I take to school to teach everyday. It’s the classroom I have established myself in. Home is the place where I interact with friends and family. Home is the books I read when I am diving in to a new world. Home is the flight from here to Des Moines while visiting one of my favorite people. Home is Luther where I went to school for four years. Home is the laughter I hear bubbling up in the air whenever I am perfectly content.

Home is sitting on the end of a dock, praising God for what a wonderful thing life is. 

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Your Turn! What does Home mean to you?

Also! If you have a camera you’d recommend, I’d LOVE to hear about it!




4 thoughts on “Developing Your Eye

  1. Helen Bushe says:

    I always like to hear of people developing interest in photography. Which camera??? You’ll no doubt get as many recommendations as number of people recommending.
    I use Canon DSLR and Fuji MIRRORLESS system, both with interchangeable lenses. But that’s now.
    When I moved away from Point and Shoot, I bought a Panasonic Bridge camera. A Bridge Camera is a good half way house ( indeed can be a great final destination). You get all the convenience of Point and Shoot, but also all the manual settings of a full-sized DSLR. Another great advantage is that they have a good range from Macro to Zoom, without needing different lenses. So less expense and a lot less to carry around. There are lots of good Bridge Cameras on market.
    Have fun researching your choice and don’t rush into anything!!!!
    Kindest regards


    • Caitlin says:

      Helen, Thank you so much for your suggestion! I had looked in to a Canon DSLR and was looking at some of the more specific models. I will look in to the Mirrorless and Panasonic Bridge Camera. I am finding this research takes a great deal more time! You have some lovely images on your blog of great quality.
      Thank you so much for stopping by and your advice!

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      • Helen Bushe says:

        Hi Caitlan . If you are looking at canon with interchangeable lenses, do have a look at Fuji xPro 2 , and Fuji xT 1 or XT2. I have 2 Fuji cameras which ai use now much more than my Canon 7D. Only now use Canon for Macro as I have prime 100mm L lens which is superb.

        There are often good deals on Fuji lenses. The quality of the images is marvellous and cameras can shoot at ISO6400 (or higher in newest models) without noise showing on images.
        Canon 7D shows noise at anything over 400 ISO.


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