That One Beauty Post

“Be your own kind of beautiful”

I’m sure you have heard this phrase before. Maybe it has even helped you think about beauty in a different way. In whatever way, at some point beauty has played a part in your life.

Maybe that was in your goal to dress up for the evening, your choices when purchasing clothing or even complimenting someone. And let’s not even limit ourselves on thinking of beauty as external or material but also internal. Someone having a good heart or happy spirit.

If we look at this, beauty is really tough to categorize.

And that in itself sometimes makes things confusing.

In sixth grade I was literally bright blue-eyed and short. Toss in a little middle school moodiness and that about summed up sixth grade. Let me also add that in sixth grade I had stick straight brown hair which I decided to chop off for Locks of Love the summer leading in to middle school. It was quite the look. Oh plus braces and glasses.

Now doesn’t that image portray awkwardness and confusion and maybe a low point?

According to our depiction of middle school in society, I really fit the stereotypical image. And I have to laugh because I really did seem to fit in as a “middle schooler”.

But would it surprise you to know that my middle school years to me were pretty great?? Two years later my hair had turned curly which no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get to stay straight. Eighth grade was the best. Awesome friends, great classes. It felt like that whole year I couldn’t get the smile off my face. I think I surprised everyone with how much I loved middle school.

Okay so maybe I did look a little dorky. But what is dorky anyway? The hit TV show, The Big Bang Theory, has practically made dorky look cool. (Thank goodness)

Isn’t beauty what you make of things??

So what makes beauty such a big “issue” in the world?

Perhaps it’s the models we see on the billboards, the influence of magazines, tv, you name it. As much as we say we try to ignore influence from others on the topic of beauty, it’s still there.

I do want to say that in no way am I trying to start an uprising with my words or completely disagree with all forms of advertised beauty, I am sure we have all heard enough on that. And not everything is negative!

I think the better thing I want others to think about is, you. What makes you beautiful or handsome? Forget the expectations which may or may not exist, what makes you confident enough to be your own kind of beautiful?

Back to my middle school years. (Oh did I mention that my middle school had the abbreviation of P-M-S? Yeah that didn’t help) so you already know eighth grade was awesome, and actually it was because of one pivotal moment at the beginning of the year. In September or so I was feeling blue and down because I wasn’t treated the same as other kids. I didn’t wear the popular name brands of clothing like Abercrombie, American Eagle, Hollister, etc. I was sick and tired of feeling like I wasn’t being treated the same. So I figured what the heck? Why not convince mom to let me wear American Eagle? I gave my argument and we went shopping. And guess what? I was so happy and confident that I was more accepted. People treated me better. Amazingly enough.

In the world of middle school, the right clothes make all the difference. But maybe it’s not necessarily just the clothes. Like life, maybe it’s all about having the confidence to shine.

What I wore, helped me to shine. It made others begin to see the good in me because i was comfident enough to shine.

However, I don’t want to give all the credit to the clothes. Because in reality, it all came from me being confident enough to say what I wanted. Clearly I wanted new clothes, but I also wanted to be accepted for myself. I wanted to be acknowledged. I found that through action and work on my part made all the difference.

Isn’t beauty acquired from who we are, and then helping that true person shine??

My greatest wish is that you, dear reader and friend, would be able to find the confidence to shine. That kind of confidence radiates from he inside out.

Yes, it’s been at least a decade since my middle school years, but I still carry that lesson with me. It’s never too late to let your true self shine.

Sending all the best.



2 thoughts on “That One Beauty Post

  1. Helen Bushe says:

    I totally agree with all you have written. It’s a wonderfully liberating feeling when true self-confidence manifests. I just wish I’d had a bit of it it a few years before I did. But then I’d be a slightly different person, so no regrets really. My, how your post has wakened me up along with my early Sunday morning coffee!


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