This year’s May Day dawned bright…and snowy.

I’m not sure where the weather is getting their directions, but snow was not supposed to be on the agenda. I had all of these lovely ideas of making May Day Baskets and finding flowers to deliver to people, however, that has not quite been the case. So I’ve decided to just make the flowers in to a monthly event. Why does there need to be a reason for flowers??

But what is May Day anyway??

In case you were wondering, this lovely holiday is celebrated each year on May 1 and is a celebration of Spring. It has Christian roots but has garnered more to a secular celebration in Europe over the past few hundred years. Traditionally, people come up with loads of flowers and dance around a Maypole, a large pole set up in a field with an abundance of ribbon around it for people to run around. There is usually dancing and the crowning of the May Queen.

This holiday takes on a life of its own in the different countries it is celebrated in such as the UK, Germany, Finland, Estonia, to name a few.

To sum things up, it is a rather joyous occasion and in the United States May Baskets are made out of paper, flowers placed in the paper, and then discreetly and anonymously delivered to people.

As a child I remember making May Day baskets and delivering them to my grandparents. This isn’t something I have seen done as much now, but it is rather a fun tradition!

If you were interested in making your own May Day Basket, here is a lovely design I found on


Happy May Day!

Wishing you a warm and flower-filled May.




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