Walking-that’s Cool Now??


Friday night at 11 pm you can find me stepping in place trying to make my FitBit light up signaling I’ve met my step goal for the day, all while holding my phone staring at my FitBit App and the number of steps to see if I’ve beat a friend at the Workweek Hustle to see who could get the most steps this week.

I laugh because this is such an accurate picture of life some weeks. My FitBit has become my favorite accessory, keeping me accountable for my physical activity each day to keep me healthy. Even the healthy competition between friends has become a daily part of my routine.

Maybe you or someone around you has jumped on this trend to keep your steps up whether that be tracked on a FitBit or similar device.

It’s as if a new movement has started. Walking has become cool again.

This small little device on my wrist and many other’s has become a staple in our activity diet.

I often hear people all around me joking, “Better get your steps in!”

In an article I read, a mother talked about how her activity tracker had made her a worse mother. Instead of telling her kids to go and pick up their toys she saw the opportunity to gain more steps and went and picked them up instead.

And out of all this, this giant trend people seem to be jumping on, there has been so much positive come out of it. Suddenly we’re acutely aware of how much you’d have to walk to work off so many calories, or how many calories are actually burned on a thirty minute workout. Within the app we also track our food to realize that the burger we just had for dinner is going to take at least a four mile run to work off.

I love the idea that this awareness is leading to healthier choices, more physical activity, and even competition each day with the steps we take towards good health.

How cool that one tiny little contraption of technology can lead to so many more beneficial choices each day?? That’s pretty neat.


PS-Do you have a FitBit or activity tracking device? Any good advice at getting in more steps??

PPS- Here’s a Funny Article on FitBit Memes. 


4 thoughts on “Walking-that’s Cool Now??

  1. Debbie L says:

    I also love my Fitbit! This new feature wanting you to get in 250 steps and hour is interesting. Have you updated your app? It’s new. But I need to make a suggestion to them and as a teacher, you may have the same interest. I rarely sit. I am an active person. Our toddler grandson spent the weekend with us. We do live in a 400 square foot motor home (easier to contain him!). It was VERY cold but I took him outside for an hour or two. I know at a minimum while we were outside, I had to walk at least 250 steps, but nothing showed up all day or night Saturday. I was up and down and all around him! I guess I could send them a note.
    Otherwise it is a cool new feature.


  2. kimberly s says:

    We Love your Fitbit! Make your walking a “destination walk.” If it’s time for lunch, walk to the restaurant and walk back. Go out of your way to find new places to walk to, take different walks in different areas. Search on Yelp! or Google for new places/parks to walk to, starting at a small perimeter (say 2 miles), and then keep expanding it from there. We have walked 2 hours to a restaurant we wanted to try for breakfast. We walked there, had to wait 45 minutes (no problem), and then walked home, another 2 hours. It was great! Destination walks are the perfect solution for getting your steps in!


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