Top Teacher Apps

This generation is so tech-savvy, so why not embrace that side in the classroom? There are many tools out there to help aid students in their learning, many of which I have yet to discover. For now, here are a few of my Top Teacher Apps!

  1. Discovery Education. This research-focused website compiles a variety of kid-friendly resources including videos and articles to help aid in their learning. I often use Discovery Education as a Research Tool for kids, allowing them to search the engine when we are doing research to find the answers they need. There are many features on this website, many of which I have yet to Discover!
  2. MoveNote. This website uses a Google Login and allows students to record themselves in a video talking through their notes which are uploaded from Google Drive next to their video. I have had students record their book group discussions on MoveNote to help keep them on task, and so they can go back and listen to what was discussed about their books.  
  3. NearPod. This tool also works with Google. You can create presentations with interactive assessment questions. The students all take the tests at once, or individually, and you (from your device) have the power to see what they are doing, and can tell them when to go on. All of the data is given to you in Spreadsheets instantly on the site. You can even embed videos with a Premium upgrade. (However, I’m a big fan of free stuff, and I think the free option works just as well!) nearpod logo
  4. Plickers. This is also a Free App! You can print out a class set of QR codes on the site and assign a code to each students. Then, create online quick quizzes on the website and pull them up on screen. Use the App on your phone to scan the room as students hold up their QR codes based to answers, and get results instantly. My students are BIG fans of Plickers.


  5. Kahoot. This fabulous assessment tool has students using the secret code to access the assessment on their computers and answering what they see on the board to answer questions as quick as they can. I have found this is a good assessment tool for when a test is right around the corner.
  6. Google Classroom. This Google Site is geared for Classrooms to collect, distribute, and grade assignments all in one place. This is a great way to collect homework assignments and give quick grades back on work so students can see their work instantly. 
  7. Newsela. This online site also requires a Google Login and a Code for each class, however, this website does not disappoint! Using articles from national news publications (international as well now), Newsela articles are qued down to the lexile reading level to best fit the student reader. Students have the opportunity to stay on top of real-world events and then take comprehension checkups based on each article. During Super Tuesday, Newsela even offered an online voting for candidates. This tool has also become one of my go-to research tools for students to look up information, since I know it will be written at their reading level. 


These are just a few of the many educational apps out there. I feel we are constantly learning about many new Apps! If you have any Teacher Apps you feel have benefited your classroom, I would LOVE to hear about them. I am constantly looking for ways to include more applications which can often streamline teaching and simplify things in the classroom. Leave your suggestions! I’d love to check out these apps!

Happy Thursday!



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