The Rescue Review


Recently I finished my first book of 2016! I know, it took me longer than I was hoping-but I finished! I made a goal on my 101 in 1001 days list, to read at least 12 books in 2016. It’s been while since I’ve read books I’ve actually wanted to read.

So…I began with The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks! Like many of the books I have picked out to read this year, this one has been on my shelf for a while. I picked it up after looking for a cute love story book. It was also on sale, and I wanted to read one which hadn’t been made in to a movie.

In case you have never read The Rescue here’s a quick synopsis.

The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks is the story of a young mother with a son who is developmentally impaired. Living a life dedicated to his upbringing, she has little room to fall in love. That is until she meets Taylor, a volunteer fireman who has been trying to run from his past. The two cross paths and their lives become intertwined, one trying to figure out the best for her son, the other, trying to figure out how to move on from the past.

This book was unlike other Nicholas Sparks books in that there wasn’t too much drama. The plot was slow and simply developed. I enjoyed the book overall, and just as I was hoping, it had a happy ending.

It was a feel good book, and if anyone is looking for a warm-feeling book, this is a cute one to read. 🙂


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